Carl R. Witty on 05 Dec 2000 10:51:42 -0800

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Re: inequalities

Bill Allombert <> writes:

> Thanks for this pre-announce. I use a typed intermediate language that can
> catch such things. However, I do not consider that a<b<c should trigger a
> warning. GCC does not, and in some sense it is a normal C construct. For
> example, (a<b) == (c<d) should be read as " a<b iff c<d ". Yes, I 
> know, C is not a model. I will try to add this check to the compiler.

I don't think that
should necessarily give a warning; I think it would be nice if
gave a warning.

Yes, I realize that it may be annoying to tell these cases apart.

Carl Witty