Bill Allombert on Sat, 3 Aug 2002 00:15:49 +0200

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Re: [Comment] Re: [cpan #1201] hiremainder symbol not found

On Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 12:44:08PM -0400, Ilya Zakharevich wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 11:59:11AM -0400, via RT wrote:
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> > This is a comment.  It is not sent to the Requestor(s):
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> > In order to get which ld I am using you should use:
> > 
> > $ gcc -print-prog-name=ld
> > 
> > I found this in the ./configure script for GNU wget.  You should 
> > probably use a similar approach instead of trying to find ld in my $PATH 
> > directly.

The bug, really, is to use ld instead of gcc to link dynamic library,
since using ld directly is not portable (break on hppa running GNU/linux at

The Debian package fix that already. We are working on fixing it in PARI/GP
but changes to Configure are difficult to test.

The Debian patch is to do

DLLD="$CC $cflags"
DLLDFLAGS="-shared -Wl,-soname=\$(LIBPARI_SONAME) -lm"                          

but this assume ld is GNU ld. So we probably need 'gcc -print-prog-name=ld'
to know which ld is used.

Thanks for the tip,