Bill Allombert on Fri, 27 Jun 2003 00:24:10 +0200

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Description system TODO list

Hello PARI developers,

Here a list of issues that need to be ironed out
with the description system:

1) Changing a src/functions/xxx/yyy file does not trigger the rebuild
of src/desc/Def file. This is painful with CVS.

2) This is a good time to get rid of 'valences'.

3) 'make install' should install sufficient data to build GP2C
in a fixed location:,src/desc/Def and probably src/desc/PARI/

4) Make GP2C to use the above.

5) Fix Math::PARI to use the above. (Ilya, my offer to help still stand).

6) Add the Description: material in GP2C to GP.

7) Document the Description: field format.

8) Profit!

There is a feature that can be useful:
There is a 'Class:' field that specify to what 'class' a function
belong. Current classes are:
basic (default) 
gp     functions specific to GP
highlevel highlevel function.

We can add other functions in other classes and add a Configure
flag that add these functions in the interpretor.

We can also add 'disabled' C-function in the interpretor that can
be enabled wih install() without the need for the prototype.

Another possibility  if the platform support dloprn() is to allow
GP to load the database at runtime.