Karim Belabas on Tue, 07 Dec 2004 10:39:33 +0100

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numerical integration

Hi all,

  I'd like to announce a complete overhaul of the numerical integration
functions in the current CVS [ patch submitted by Henri Cohen, thx ! ].

The old 'intnum' has been obseleted [ renamed intnumromb ] and replaced by
an array of more versatile and more powerfull functions, namely

intcirc            intfourierexp      intmellininv       intnuminitgen
integer            intfouriersin      intmellininvshort  intnumromb
intformal          intfuncinit        intnum             intnumstep
intfouriercos      intlaplaceinv      intnuminit         
sumnum             sumnumalt          sumnuminit  

There's a rather bewildering array of options, see ??intnum for a start.

The algorithms are variants of standard "double exponential" methods and
are quite capable of computing integrals to hundreds or thousands of
decimal digits.

We'd be very interested in feedback about the interface, or surprinsing
results. We've spent quite some time on the documentation this time. So
comments in this area are welcome too.


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