Phil Carmody on Tue, 14 Dec 2004 16:57:46 +0100

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Some wishlist feature suggestions

I've found myself coding long-hand the following constructs many times, and
think that they'd be far better implemented as language constructs.

1) Instead of a plain for loop and a gcd call -

forcoprime(n,X,seq): the sequence is evaluated, X running over values coprime
to n.

2) Instead of an explicit evaluation of znorder(x) (very simple, but slow), 
or similarly an evaluation of x^d for d=n/p for each non-composite p|n (fast,
but several lines of code) - 

znorderis(x,n): true(1) if the znorder(x) is n, false(0) if not.

I'd love to implement them myself, but to be honest I had a look 
at (1), to see if I could rip off the fordiv() code, or similar, 
and I just got confused. I think the overlap with current code 
should be pretty substantial.

Similarly, I reckon that znorderis has an enormous overlap with 
the Pocklington test code (because that's essentially most of what 
a Pocklington test consists of).

Perhaps someone could give a masterclass in implementing new functions,
so that those like myself on this list could become more constructive
contributors rather than just test-monkeys.


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