Phil Carmody on Wed, 15 Dec 2004 15:38:26 +0100

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Re: Some wishlist feature suggestions

Proposed modifications for order() in order to permit faster execution if the
order can be limited. Cases where this would be useful are if the order is
known to be small (my particular use for it - yielding a 40x speedup), or if x
is hard to factor and phi(x) is already known (so now you can find orders
modulo the earlier RSA challenge numbers!).

Additional possible proposal - let the second parameter be a factorisation
(matrix), so that for repeated calls to order() with the same base, the
decomp() calls can also be avoided. I am off on holiday in an hour, so can't do
this myself, but suspect that it's only a couple of lines of further changes. I
can do it in a week when I return.


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