Bill Allombert on Wed, 02 Nov 2005 19:12:51 +0100

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New elldata package released fixing missing curves bug.

Dear PARI users,

John Cremona reported a problem with the elldata package: it was missing
curves whose conductors were the largest available below multiple of
1000. This was caused by a bug in the script I use to build the elldata
package from John's database.

So I have fixed the script and updated elldata.tgz on the PARI website,
see <>

If you use elldata, please upgrade to avoid getting incomplete results
with ellsearch.

With the incomplete package, you get
? ellsearch(999)
%1 = []

With the correct one, you will get:
? ellsearch(999)
%1 = [["999a1", [1, -1, 0, -69, -208], [[32, 156]]], ["999b1", [1, -1, 1, -8, 10], [[2, -1]]]]

Sorry for the trouble,