Jeroen Demeyer on Tue, 22 Nov 2005 10:44:11 +0100

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print1() behaviour changed

Hello list,

I noticed that the print1() function has changed.

The following shell command:
  echo -e "print1(0);\nprint1(1);" |gp -f -q

Prints "01" (no newline) in CHANGES-1.1295
Prints "0\n1" (with newline) in CHANGES-1.1384
(I didn't check in which version exactly this changed)

But if there is no newline in the input:
  echo -e "print1(0);print1(1);" |gp -f -q

Then I get "01" in both versions.

So it seems that whenever there is a newline in the input, a newline is printed, even with print1(). I hope it's clear what I mean...

Has this been changed on purpose? I prefer the old way (no newline), because it's very useful in scripts. Otherwise I don't get the point of the print1() function.