Justin C. Walker on Wed, 14 Jun 2006 03:46:34 +0200

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Re: Bus error in GP:

[Resend of June 11 post; I got no 'qsecretary' intercept, and it hasn't shown up in the archives]

Following up my post with some more info:

On Jun 9, 2006, at 5:57 PM, Justin C. Walker wrote:

? K=nfinit(y^3-2);
? L=rnfinit(K,x^2+x+1);

  *** rnfinit: bug in GP (Bus Error), please report

This also occurs with version 2.3.0, both on the (Intel) MacBook and the PowerPC PowerMac. I have tried this on a couple of Linux/x86 systems without seeing the bus error, so it is in some way related to the Mac. I won't be able to look at this until late this week, but if anyone has a thought, please pass it my way.

FWIW, both of the 2.3 versions were built as part of SAGE. I have not yet built the release version of GP on its own.



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