bernard.parisse on Wed, 28 Jun 2006 22:35:00 +0200

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Re: divrem bug?

It works only if the optional 3rd arg has higher priority:

? divrem(y+1,y^2,x)
%1 = [(y + 1)/y^2, 0]~
? divrem(y+1,y^2,y)
%2 = [0, y + 1]~

This still useful.


Please extract it from the pari.desc file instead.
(We provide a perl module PARI::822 for that purpose).

I don't extract it from a file, it's much easier to get it from
 extern entree functions_basic[];
(another variable that is not declared in pari headers by the way)

like to have HTML online doc like for native xcas functions (currently
only in French), is there a way to convert the PARI tex doc using
something like latex2html?

Please see
However gphtml only display the long help of functions, not the manual
body text.

PARI doc is in TeX, not in LaTeX so latex2html will not work.
That was the reason I asked. Have you an idea on how hard
it would be to convert the file to LaTeX?
Well, I'd better check the available dochtml first.