Joerg Arndt on Mon, 06 Aug 2007 13:59:01 +0200

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LIST COMPROMISED? [was: default null-arg feature]

This is the second time I receive mails (including the
full text of my email below) from various sources:

PayPal Customer Service 2 <>
PayPal Customer Service 1 <>
Casa el Chusco <>
eBay Customer Support <>

We may have a harvester bot subscribed to the list.

The operator might want to send individual mails to every subscriber
(with different text for each mail) to determine what is going on.

* Joerg Arndt <> [Aug 06. 2007 13:47]:
> The mechanism to have automatic default zero
> for all arguments has bitten me quite often.
> Is there any reason to have it?
> if so, could we have an option (e.g. something in ~/.gprc)
> to disable it?
> regards,   jj