John Cremona on Mon, 19 Jul 2010 10:39:14 +0200

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Re: some glitches in make test-all

Here's a suggestion regarding the optional packages:

As well as seadata.tgz (18.7M) you have seadata-small.tgz,  655 KBy,
which is nice and small and suffices to let "make test-all" pass.

Why not create an elldata-small.tgz too?  Containing just the e0
directory.  It would be a lot smaller than elldata.tgz (13.8M) and
would also let the ellglobalred part of test-all pass (since that
tests all elliptic curves with conductors up to 10000).

Next suggestion:  include all the small data files in the download
distribution by default.  I guess this will be unpopular since
pari-2.4.2.alpha.tar.gz is itself only  2183 K but these days
downloading a couple of megabytes is hardly noticeable.


On 16 July 2010 22:01, John Cremona <> wrote:
> Thanks, Bill.
> On 16 July 2010 21:00, Bill Allombert
> <> wrote:
>> On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 08:33:48PM +0100, John Cremona wrote:
>>> Thanks for the detailed reply.
>>> (1) You are right that I had the defaults set for the install
>>> directory, but had not yet done "make install".  I definitely agree
>>> that it should be possible to let users do "make test-all" *before*
>>> "make install".  That should be possible to manage by some use of
>>> environment variables and the like, but I am not volunteering.
>> env GP_DATA_DIR=data make test-all
>> should do the trick.
> For me I had to do
> env GP_DATA_DIR=$PWD/data make test-all
> (i.e. the Environment variable had to be set to an absolute path) and
> then it did work.
> John
>> Cheers,
>> Bill.