John Cremona on Wed, 21 Jul 2010 17:52:43 +0200

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Re: bison?

On 21 July 2010 12:51, Bill Allombert
<> wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 12:17:11PM +0100, John Cremona wrote:
>> When did bison become a prerequisite for building pari?  I see that it
>> now is (in the svn development version).  It's not a problem for me
>> personally since I only use Linux and bison is standard, but it has an
>> effect on Sage (which does not have bison as a prerequisite).   Are
>> there alternatives?
> Bison is not a prerequisite for building PARI. However, if you use the SVN
> version you need perl and bison (>=2.1). If Sage use a prope PARI tarball,
> then it will not need bison since the bison-generated file will be included in
> the tarball.

That's very helpful -- thanks or explaining it.  (Perhaps Jason meant
the same thing, but I did not understand his reply).

I am keen to use a recent svn because of some specific changes and
bugfixes.  Do you know when there will next be a proper PARI tarball
released, or can I make my own (as Jason suggested)?  (Is what "make
release means?)


> The same is true for GP2C (the SVN version require autoconf, automake, perl, bison and flex).
> Cheers,
> Bill.