R J Cano on Thu, 28 Feb 2013 12:59:34 +0100

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A little icon for PARI in the windows desktop.

Good Morning.

Dear developers,

I used to draw ugly icons or customize logos and so on in the form of 24-bit bitmaps with the extension dot ico before an exam of programming in the high school labs.

This morning in order to keep working under windows 8 at a new machine, I downloaded the PARI 2.3.4 self installer for windows.

It leaves a shortcut in the desktop. I modified the logo in the site for fit a icon.

I hope you enjoy it.

 :-) Cheers!

R. J. Cano

P.S.: It looks horrible in the properties dialog when you are setting it, but there is no problem after applying the changes. In every windows I used such method for devise an icon works, there is also a sample snapshot of the final result in the quoted machine.

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