Jeffrey Walton on Fri, 01 Jan 2021 06:48:46 +0100

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Re: not being built with RUNPATH

On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 9:43 PM Jeffrey Walton <> wrote:
> ...
> gcc  -o "/home/jwalton/Build-Scripts/pari-2.13.0/Olinux-x86_64"/
> -shared  -O3 -Wall -fno-strict-aliasing -fomit-frame-pointer  -g2 -O2
> -fsanitize=address -fno-omit-frame-pointer -march=native -fPIC
> -pthread -I/home/jwalton/ok2delete-asan/include -DNDEBUG -DTEST_ASAN=1
> -fPIC -Wl,-shared,  mpker.o mpinl.o alglin1.o
> alglin2.o alglin3.o aprcl.o arith1.o arith2.o base1.o base2.o base3.o
> base4.o base5.o bb_group.o bb_hnf.o bern.o bibli1.o bibli2.o bit.o
> bnflog.o bnfunits.o buch1.o buch2.o buch3.o buch4.o char.o concat.o
> crvwtors.o dirichlet.o ecpp.o ellanal.o elliptic.o ellisog.o
> ellpadic.o ellpadiclambdamu.o ellsea.o elltors.o F2v.o F2x.o F2xqE.o
> FF.o Fle.o Flv.o Flx.o FlxqE.o Flxq_log.o FlxX.o FpE.o FpV.o FpX.o
> FpX_factor.o FpXQX_factor.o FpXX.o galconj.o gen1.o gen2.o gen3.o
> Hensel.o hnf_snf.o hyperell.o hypergeom.o ifactor1.o kummer.o lfun.o
> lfunquad.o lfunutils.o lll.o map.o matperm.o mellininv.o mftrace.o
> modsym.o msfarey.o nffactor.o perm.o polarit1.o polarit2.o polarit3.o
> polclass.o polmodular.o prime.o Qfb.o qfisom.o qfsolve.o QX_factor.o
> random.o RgV.o RgX.o rootpol.o Ser.o subcyclo.o subfield.o subgroup.o
> trans1.o trans2.o trans3.o volcano.o zetamult.o ZG.o ZV.o ZX.o anal.o
> compile.o default.o es.o eval.o forprime.o gplib.o hash.o init.o
> intnum.o members.o paricfg.o pariinl.o parse.o readline.o str.o
> sumiter.o algebras.o elldata.o ellfromeqn.o forperm.o forsubset.o
> galois.o galpol.o genus2red.o groupid.o krasner.o mpqs.o part.o
> ratpoints.o stark.o thue.o mt.o single.o plotport.o plottty.o -lc -lm
> -L/home/jwalton/ok2delete-asan/lib -lgmp    -lm
> And:
>     $ find . -name
>     ./pari-2.13.0/Olinux-x86_64/
>     $ readelf -d pari-2.13.0/Olinux-x86_64/ |
>     $
> No RPATH or RUNPATH. Without the RPATH or RUNPATH, then the wrong
> libraries will be loaded at runtime by the dynamic linker.
> Here's what I expect to see (using GMP as an example):
>     $ readelf -d ~/ok2delete-asan/lib/ | grep -E 'RPATH|RUNPATH'
>      0x000000000000001d (RUNPATH)            Library runpath:
> [$ORIGIN/../lib:/home/jwalton/ok2delete-asan/lib]
> ...
> I am fairly certain the recipe for needs to be
> fixed. It must use LDFLAGS. There may be other problems, but this one
> is the first that needs to be fixed.

There were two problems. First, my LDFLAGS were not used in the
dynamic library recipe. Second, something blew away my LIBS.

Here's the patch I used to fix Makefile.SH:
I also had to use XXX_LIBS because the build gear was blowing away my

With the patch installed the RUNPATH is expected:

$ readelf -d pari-2.13.0/Olinux-x86_64/ | grep -E
 0x000000000000001d (RUNPATH)            Library runpath:

I've got some scripts to do better auditing. I should be able to run
them shortly.