Guillaume Hanrot on Thu, 04 Nov 2021 17:32:08 +0100

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Re: Transforming general cubic to standard form

Dear colleagues, 

> line at infinity.  So I assume that you have an affince plane cubic,
> not in Weierstrass form, and want to find its integral points.  That
> is a perfectly good question, but I do not know an answer to it.
> There are only finitely many (by Siegel's Theorem

If my (old) memories are good, on this precise question I would suggest
consulting :

R. Stroeker, B.M.M de Weger, Solving Elliptic Diophantine Equations:
The General Cubic Case, Acta Arith. 87 (4) (1998).

Sincerely yours,
Guillaume Hanrot