Mark Andrews on Wed, 22 Mar 2000 15:58:24 -0800

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Primality Testing Question

I'm a developer (not a mathematician) recently tasked with finding 1) a primality test algorithm for numbers at least up to about 10^20 and preferably 10^40. It must be a test for true primality, not pseudo primality 2) a factoring algorithm. Poking around a bit, I came across Pari. The manual leads me to believe a good composite pseudo primality test is incorporated, but I have no idea from docs what range of numbers IsPrime() is valid for as a true primality test. In addition, I would appreciate a coded example of how to do factorization using Pari. The ideal would be to incorporate, as a library, those parts of Pari applicable to the task into a Windows 32 bit executable. I read Bill Daly's instructions and got the calculator to compile fine. Any help at this point would be appreciated.

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