Tom Womack on Fri, 16 Jun 2000 21:55:53 +0100

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BUG: In the Windows build of Pari, ellinit dies if given slightly peculiar parameters

Issuing the following command

E = ellinit([-760071579/16348,
4513128515902125/16703569, -12561985602810, -73002352832265150, -19724467285

causes Pari to give a 'the stack overflows' message after a few seconds,
regardless of the stack size.

I can't see anything useful in the debug output [I've set debug and
debugmem]; I suspect someone who understands the internals of ellinit() will
be able swiftly to find out why this is going wrong, but I'm not such a

[a feature-request: would it be possible to have something like
default(trace,1) to print the names and parameters of library calls as they
occur (maybe even default(trace,elliptic,1) so you don't get informed of
every addition in a program)? The ellinit went wrong in the middle of a
rather fiddly nest of procedures, and I ended up having to insert print()
commands every other line throughout the program to find where it was