Bill Daly on Wed, 13 Feb 2002 10:52:37 -0500

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Karim BELABAS wrote:

or  the place indicated by environment
variable %GPRC [ no idea how you set that on modern Windows, DOS used to have
the AUTOEXEC.BAT thing, but it apparently got dumped. Don't have a Windows
box myself to try this out... ].

You can set the default values of the environment variables under every version of Windows. On my Win2k system, you go to Control Panel/System/Advanced/Environment variables and change them there. It may be in a somewhat different location under other versions. I hope that the actual variable is named GPRC, not %GPRC. To reference an environment variable in a DOS script, you write %GPRC%, but you set it via SET GPRC=value.

I don't use the environment variable myself. I found that I had to create a file named _gprc, containing the single command read ""; then I put the actual defaults that I wanted in