Juan Luis Varona Malumbres on Thu, 21 Feb 2002 08:53:46 +0100

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Re: Mac OS

El miércoles, 20 febrero, 2002, a las 11:45 , Jeffrey Stopple escribió:"


I'm using GP 2.0.12 alpha PowerPC version on the Macintosh with OS 9.1.
I would like to do some very long computations and let GP run in the background; use other applications at the same time. But unlike most Mac software, GP doesn't want to let me. Is there any way to do this?

It is impossible. Mac-classic multitasking is cooperative, no preemtive (more or less, it is spelling in this way :-). And this must be taking into account by the developper of the program, making a very specific mac program (it is not the case of GP, that is a unix translation). With cooperative multitasking is not the operating system the one that forces the multitasking.

The solution: Install Mac OS X. It is unix and it has preemtive multitasking.

Juan L. Varona