Justin C. Walker on Tue, 17 Sep 2002 08:47:09 -0700

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Re: Doc glitch

On Tuesday, September 17, 2002, at 07:18 AM, Karim BELABAS wrote:

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002, Justin C. Walker wrote:
On Monday, September 16, 2002, at 05:38 PM, Justin C. Walker wrote:
The tutorial hadn't been updated in two years... I've just fixed the problem, as you suggested, in the tutorial distributed with the development version. I've also modified the section about integer factorization: it asserted that
there is no primality prover in PARI, which is no longer true.

FWIW, the call that works is vecsort(hv,,1) (so that the result, iv, is a "meta-list", which is applied to the other vectors with vecextract()). I didn't make that explicit in my last msg.

Shall I continue to report glitches in the tutorial?



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