Simon Budig on Tue, 24 Sep 2002 23:06:49 +0200

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Jordan Matrix Decomposition in Pari/GP

Hi all.

I am fairly new to Pari/GP so I might have missed it in the
documentation. Sorry if this is the case...

I need a function to get the Jordan Matrix Decomposition of a
Matrix M. I want to get the two matrices J and S so that
   M = S J S^{-1}
and J has the Jordan canonical form.

I'd guess that this is fairly easy to do by hand if all Eigenvalues of a
Matrix were pairwise different, however, I have to deal with matrices
where this is not the case. In an ideal world there would be a function
to do this in Pari/GP, however, I am also happy about code snippets that
would give me a solution to the problem.

Can somebody give me some hints?