Josh Kupershmidt on Tue, 27 Mar 2007 08:33:27 +0200

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Re: A distributed version of Pari-GP

The example file provided is an overly simple gp program
that prints n and prime(n) over a given range of values of n.

Right now, each compute node has to have a local copy of
that tells it what calculation to perform -- in this case, to print
prime(n) for a given n, with the range of n automatically sent by a
control node. This is probably the least elegant aspect of the
program. Obviously, in order to change the type of computation you're
performing, you have to change the file on each compute

I'd like to change this so that a control node will send not only the
index range, but also the whole file to each compute node.
I'll work on this soon, hopefully...

Josh Kupershmidt

On 3/27/07, Loic Grenie <> wrote:
   It would be interesting to see the how do the nodes
  receive the input from the master ?

    Loïc Grenié