Rampal S Etienne on Fri, 31 Oct 2008 17:54:42 +0100

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I have tried to use gp2c. I seem to have successfully compiled a GP
script, but now I want to call it with install. I get error messages
about the syntax. The help file and manual do not help me out
completely. Particularly how should "code" be written, especially if
there are more than 1 arguments?
When I use the same syntax for code as in the GP2C documentation - which
is "arg1, arg2" - then I get the message "prototype letter 'a' not
known" ('a' is the first letter of my argument name).
When I use the syntax {arg1, arg2} then I get the message "syntax error,
unpected '\n' "
What should the syntax look like exactly?

Rampal Etienne