Charles Greathouse on Tue, 17 May 2011 17:21:02 +0200

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Spreading the word

I have been working on adding GP and PARI examples to Rosetta Code,

It think that in addition to popularizing the language this is a good resource for learning the language.  (I learned just while writing the examples -- I didn't realize the power of closures until I played with them for this project.)

First, I would encourage anyone interested to register with the site and contribute a few examples (or improve some of the existing ones).  It's easy, even if I took most of the easy ones -- many of the tasks are handled by built-in functions.

Second, if anyone has experience with GeSHi I would appreciate feedback on setting up syntax highlighting in that system for GP.  My first attempt is here, along with a brief discussion of the issues I found:
This would allow not only Rosetta Code but Wikipedia, OpenOffice, and individual websites to highlight GP scripts, which I think would be cool.

Third, there are some tasks I have avoided coding because I can't find any good way to do them in GP.  Not that I can't do them -- GP is Turing-complete, after all -- but I feel that these should have an easy solution and I hate to submit a clumsy solution if an elegant one might be at hand.  For example:
I feel less bad about having no solution or a poor one on nonmathematical tasks: it's 'showing off' to even attempt them.  But maybe there is an elegant way and I just don't know it?

Charles Greathouse
Case Western Reserve University