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Re: Prevent PARI from determining program

* Sören Lennart Berg [2012-12-10 17:28]:
> the program I'm working on essentially runs a huge for loop. This
> means millions or even billions of loop cycles. In every iteration
> PARI is used to compute different things, for example polynomial
> roots, resultants and more. However, in rare cases PARI might crash
> due to faulty arguments(causing division by zero for example), a too
> small PARI stack or bugs. Unfortunately PARI then determines the
> program. Is there a way to avoid this behaviour? Can I reinitialise
> the PARI system and keep going? If the program crashes all
> computations would be in vain.

If you only use 'gp', then you can use
  trap() in pari-stable (2.5.*)
  iferr() / iferrname() in pari-testing (git repository only)

If you actually use the PARI library, a proper interface is available
(and documented) in pari-testing only, see Section 4.9 "Catching exceptions"
in the "User's Guide to the Pari library".


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