Zak Seidov on Sat, 22 Oct 2016 03:23:37 +0200

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Version 2.7.6 : Hot to write in file?

I use
with WIN10
on very elementary level
this version:

                                     GP/PARI CALCULATOR Version 2.7.6 (released)
                              amd64 running mingw (x86-64/GMP-6.0.0 kernel) 64-bit version
                                compiled: Jun  3 2016, gcc version 5.3.1 20160205 (GCC)
                                                threading engine: single
                                     (readline v6.2 enabled, extended help enabled)

In previous version I just use
write("test.txt", a","b",")
to happily save running results for 'a' and 'b'.
But in this version it doesn't work:(
How to do, plz?!
Zak Seidov