Pedro Fortuny Ayuso on Wed, 01 Mar 2017 17:45:20 +0100

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Mathematica "Reduce" function


In Mathematica, you can do

Reduce[x^2 + 3 y^2 == 4 && 3 x^3 - 4 y^2 + x y == 1, {x, y}, Modulus -> 9]

Out[1]=	...

To get a list of the solutions of polynomial equations over Z/qZ (in
the above example, over Z/9Z).

Is this possible in pari?

I am trying to count the solutions of some 3-variable polynomial
over Z/(2^k)Z for different k, but the naive approach of looking
at all the points is (obviously) infeasible.



Pedro Fortuny Ayuso

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