Steven Norton on Tue, 05 Feb 2019 18:57:58 +0100

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OSX binaries -- bug

I was very pleased to see that OSX binaries were available, since I don't have much knowledge or experience with compiling from source. Unfortunately, running PARI on my MacPro2,1 with OSX 10.9.5 resulted in the program quickly encountering an error, and logging out:

                             GP/PARI CALCULATOR Version 2.11.1 (released)
                     i386 running darwin (x86-64/GMP-6.0.0 kernel) 64-bit version
        compiled: Nov 21 2018, Apple LLVM version 6.0 (clang-600.0.57) (based on LLVM 3.5svn)
                                       threading engine: single
                            (readline v6.3 enabled, extended help enabled)

                                Copyright (C) 2000-2018 The PARI Group

PARI/GP is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY

Type ? for help, \q to quit.
Type ?17 for how to get moral (and possibly technical) support.

parisize = 8000000, primelimit = 500000
Illegal instruction: 4

[Process completed]

Likewise, an attempt to run gphelp was unsuccessful:
MacPro:~ shn$ /Applications/ ; exit;
Could not find translation file, docdir='/Applications/' at /Applications/ line 153.

The one thing that works is "./gp-2.11 --test" but I am limited to what I can do in test mode. Please, is this a known bug or not ? Does this version of gp work with later versions of OSX?

Many thanks for advice.