Andreas Enge on Wed, 20 Feb 2019 13:53:31 +0100

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Release of PariDroid-

Dear PariDroid fans,

we are pleased to announce the release of PariDroid version
It is not only compiled with the latest stable version 2.11.1 of PARI,
but it also contains a few improvements on the Android side:
- We have corrected a bug that prevented the PARI stack from being
  resized, so now you can carry out bigger computations (thanks to
  Jeroen Demeyer's advice at the latest Atelier PARI/GP).
- We have added a "settings" menu to change defaults, much as the
  .gprc file for the desktop application. The changes become
  effective immediately, except for the primelimit parameter, which
  requires a restart of the app. More general file reading and
  writing activities are still missing.
- We have removed the special function "help" added to the Android
  version, since "?" is now supported. So if you typed "help(sin)"
  before, switch to "?sin" as for the desktop version to show concise
  help on a function. As a reminder, already since the last version
  "??sin" opens an external web browser with the detailed help on
  the PARI/GP website.

Downloads are possible, as usual, from ;
if you installed from an app store, you will either have to uninstall
your current version first, or wait until the new version appears
in the app store.

Laurent and Andreas