Andreas Enge on Mon, 16 Aug 2021 11:18:50 +0200

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Release of PariDroid-


we are pleased to announce the release of PariDroid version
As usual, it incorporates the newest PARI/GP version, which means 2.13.2;
but this time, the major changes have been made on the Android side of

Most importantly, we have added the possibility of sharing computed results;
either by choosing "Share all" from the menu, or by tapping on and thus
selecting a few results and choosing "Share selected" from the menu. This
activates the usual sharing mechanisms of Android and makes it possible to
use the results in an editor, an email or a messaging app, or any other app
handling text. Together with the possibility of reading a file added in the
previous release, this completes oft requested file handling and sharing

To simplify selection of results on a crowded screen, we have enabled
deleting results from the screen by swiping them to the right (but they
remain in the PARI buffer and may be recovered using % or % followed by
the result number).

Suggestions for GP functions that appear when starting to type no longer
cover the input field; given the large number of functions starting with
the same three letters ("bnf", "ell" and so on), suggestions are only
enabled after the fourth letter.

The Settings menu used to contain an option to change the primelimits
value; this has been obsolete for some time in PARI/GP and has been
removed from the menu.

Downloads are possible, as usual, from ;
if you installed from an app store, you will either have to uninstall
your current version first, or wait until the new version appears
in the app store.

Laurent and Andreas