Ruud H.G. van Tol on Wed, 18 Jan 2023 14:51:26 +0100

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Re: Plane geometry in PARI

On 2023-01-18 14:45, Ruud H.G. van Tol wrote:
On 2023-01-18 14:27, Charles Greathouse wrote:
Note that you could either write a C/C++ program including both the computational geometry library and PARI, or else use a standalone program (possibly preexisting, possibly built using such a library) and bring the results into GP with externstr.

If the PARI part is fast, the latter is easier. If the PARI part is slow, the former may give better performance (and gp2c could help, perhaps).

Some candidates:

Quit old though. Probably better to start at

-- Ruud