Jürgen Borries on Fri, 27 Jan 2023 17:33:52 +0100

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pari-2.15.2 released / readline

I stil use the old version Pari/Gp 2.13.4 in windows 10 (64 bit) because it is the last published precompiled version without readline.

My problems with readline:

- The curser disappears while pressing a cursor movement key and it remains invisible until i release the key. (To be more excact: This is what happens if i press the key just in the moment the blinking cursor ist for 3/10 sec unvisible. It must be a psychological problem that i always hit the key at this moment!). Line editing ist difficult with that feature .

- The keys EURO, Paragraph, and the german Umlaut (letters with two points at the top) do not work.

- It is slow.

Without readline, line editing and history of commands are still available. This is inherited from windows teminal.

GP is realy a great piece of software. Thank You!

Jürgen Borries