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Re: question on the use of Weber's Functions

To all

Yes, I have the original copy of Andre's GP-Pari script, from the mid-1990's or so and one of his routines is called mockheegner() so at least he knew about it from Paul Monsky.

I think he and Paul tossed the term around. See so he used the term back in 1995-1996.

which has a 1996 publish date. I believe his GP-Pari code was done in 1995 or so.


On 12/11/23 06:02, John Cremona wrote:
Do you really mean "mock" Heegner points, Randall?  I don't think that they had been invented in the 1990s.  (They use p-adic methods developed by Marc NMasdeu and others, and are only conjectural.)