Maciej Radziejewski on Thu, 19 Jun 2003 11:50:24 +0200

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Bug report: segmentation fault in the experimental Win version


I am using Pari and I like it very much!

I have recently tried the new, experimental, Win version (it says 2.2.6 on
the intro screen).
The installer and the colour-enabled interface are very nice, but I have
found two problems:

1. Reading files with \r does not work.

Pari does auto-complete the name of the file, but then it says something
***   error opening input file:
I tried converting the file to the Unix format - no result.
I have to copy-and-paste text instead...

2. The following sequence of command results in a segmentation fault:

bnf = bnfinit (y^2 + 65);
pol2 = rnfequation (bnf, quadhilbert (quaddisc (-65)));
nfz = zetakinit (pol2);

The previous version just says that the discriminant is too large, so it
also refuses to cooperate...

Many thanks to the developers of the package,

Maciej Radziejewski.