Karim BELABAS on Thu, 19 Jun 2003 13:09:45 +0200 (MEST)

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Re: Bug report: segmentation fault in the experimental Win version

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Maciej Radziejewski wrote:
> I have recently tried the new, experimental, Win version (it says 2.2.6 on
> the intro screen).

A new binary has been uploaded recently (last week?) to the main download page


If yours produces a SEGV on

  factor( 2^(2^7) + 1 )

then you presumably have the old binary and you should fetch the new one
[ this was due to a compiler bug, not to PARI ].

> 1. Reading files with \r filename.gp does not work.
> Pari does auto-complete the name of the file, but then it says something
> like:
> ***   error opening input file: myfilename.gp
>                                 ^-------------
> I tried converting the file to the Unix format - no result.
> I have to copy-and-paste text instead...

Try \r ./myfilename.gp, or an explicit path ?

Try copying myfilename.gp to the C:\Program Files\Pari\  [ or wherever you
installed pari ], then double-clicking on the GP binary here.

Does \r ./myfilename.gp work now ?

> 2. The following sequence of command results in a segmentation fault:
> bnf = bnfinit (y^2 + 65);
> pol2 = rnfequation (bnf, quadhilbert (quaddisc (-65)));
> nfz = zetakinit (pol2);
> The previous version just says that the discriminant is too large, so it
> also refuses to cooperate...

The current version should say just the same. I'll investigate the SEGV
in case installing the new binary does not fix it.

But no hope of computing zetakinit() for this field with the current
algorithm, whatever the version. You might try Dokchitser's scripts


[ once you've solved the \r problem, that is ].


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