Bill Allombert on Sun, 12 Oct 2003 17:20:07 +0200

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Re: reverse polish

On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 12:52:48AM -0400, James H.Cloos Jr. wrote:
> I'm interested in putting together an rpn calc runnable on both
> handhelds and desktops with capabilities at least as good as HP's
> 48 and 49 line.

FWIW, there is a complete HP48 emulator available.

> The basic idea was frontends for each of the typical gui toolkits (qt
> for kde and qtopia, gtk for gnome, fltk for familiar, et al) with a
> common backend.
> Pari looks like a good choice for the backend.
> Has anyone looked into an rpn flavoured frontend to the lib or for gp?
> Or is this completely uncharted territory?

GP has functions taking variables number of argument and this is not
compatible with rpn. Outside that, interfacing a rpn with libpari is easy to
do once you understand how PARI works, especially the way memory is