jacques G on Wed, 23 Jan 2013 18:53:29 +0100

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Re: windows installer, third try

In a pari-dev message dated from 11 Jan 2013, "windows installer, third try",
Bill Allombert announced a new Windows port of GP/PARI 2.6
fixing known problems occuring on Windows systems only and
described in his 11 Feb 2012 pari-users message :

"Subject: Re: Report on the Experimental PARI/GP 2.6 Windows installer binary"

Yesterday 22 Jan 2013, I downloaded the 40 Mb file from the link above and
installed GP/Pari easily without any problems, in C:/Pub/Pari-2-6-0 on Vista.

The extended help now works as designed.

Bill, you deserve a medal for finding the root cause,
"-r ==> -f for cygwin (Vista/7) GIT change ac50e36a681a" !

However the cursor disapears while using the arrows to move during line editing.
This is similar to the command line interface of 1995 Maple V,
and differs noticeably from the display of GP 2.4.1.

Suggestion: add a file gprc-default.txt listing all the settings that
could be changed in gprc.txt. The path variable "C:;C:/gp" has to be edited
so that the examples programs can be read, in particular.

Jacques Gélinas, Ottawa