Bill Allombert on Wed, 23 Jan 2013 23:07:32 +0100

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Re: windows installer, third try

On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 12:53:17PM -0500, jacques G wrote:
> In a pari-dev message dated from 11 Jan 2013, "windows installer, third try",
> Bill Allombert announced a new Windows port of GP/PARI 2.6
> <>
> fixing known problems occuring on Windows systems only and
> described in his 11 Feb 2012 pari-users message :
> "Subject: Re: Report on the Experimental PARI/GP 2.6 Windows installer binary"
> Yesterday 22 Jan 2013, I downloaded the 40 Mb file from the link above and
> installed GP/Pari easily without any problems, in C:/Pub/Pari-2-6-0 on Vista.
> The extended help now works as designed.

Excellent! Does '??libpari' work ?

> Bill, you deserve a medal for finding the root cause,
> "-r ==> -f for cygwin (Vista/7) GIT change ac50e36a681a" !

This one is Karim', actually! What I did is add a mechanism for gp to find perl
and gphelp.

> However the cursor disapears while using the arrows to move during line editing.
> This is similar to the command line interface of 1995 Maple V,
> and differs noticeably from the display of GP 2.4.1.

I have no idea what can be the cause. I had considered adding mintty
<> as an alternative terminal but it
did not seems to work very well with gp.

> Suggestion: add a file gprc-default.txt listing all the settings that
> could be changed in gprc.txt. The path variable "C:;C:/gp" has to be edited
> so that the examples programs can be read, in particular.

Ah yes, I should include misc/gprc.dft

Thanks for your test!