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PARI/GP documentation


Online documentation [Search]

Manual pages for gp, gphelp and tex2mail.

Downloadable manuals

These files are generated from the source distribution. There is no need to download them separately if you are fetching the sources anyway and have access to TeX (and pdftex for PDF output). Documents are provided in PDF format, including hyperlinks for internal cross references.

pari-2.13.0 (stable branch)
  • [PDF] Users' Guide to PARI/GP (633 pages, 2204 KBy)
  • [PDF] Users' Guide to the PARI library (408 pages, 1739 KBy)
  • [PDF] Developer's Guide to the PARI library (23 pages, 228 KBy)
  • [PDF] Installation Guide (11 pages, 161 KBy), for UNIX-type platforms (same as Appendix A from the Users' Guide)
  • [PDF] GP Tutorial (58 pages, 391 KBy)
  • [PDF] Tutorial for modular forms (43 pages, 273 KBy)
  • [PDF] Introduction to parallel GP (13 pages, 158 KBy)
  • Quick Reference Cards [ Basic GP | Number Fields | Elliptic Curves | L-functions | Modular Forms/Symbols ]


Online documentation

Downloadable manuals

  • [PDF] An introduction to GP2C (16 pages, 209 KBy)
  • [PDF] GP2C types and the description system (9 pages, 179 KBy)

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